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Store: 4555 N. Western Ave., Chicago, IL 60625  Tel: 773-754-0671

Shop Hours: Mon-Fri (Noonish - 7pm), Sat (11am - 7pm), Sun (11am - 6pm)


Both of our children go to a magnet Chicago public school, LaSalle Language Academy. Giving back to our community is very important for us. For the past 6 years now, Amadara holds a fundraising event annually during Christmas/Holidays seasons, we named it LaSalle Holiday Market. We would bring products from our shop ranging from fashion jewelry to wooden toys to ornaments to handmade bags to woolen and silk scarves and so much more. Seventy-five percent of gross sales goes to Friends of LaSalle. We have raised $15,238 for Friends of LaSalle for the past 6 years. In addition, we give what we called "Amadara Money" to those students who may not have the financial means to buy the items. Students are excited to shop at the Holiday Market and they do have a lot of fun. There is a big preparation for the Holiday Market. Our children, Adara and Amarit, are deeply involved with the preparation and managing the Holiday Market. Last year, Adara created a marketing campaign for the Holiday Market. We are happy that our family are able to contribute to LaSalle Language Academy. 

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