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Japanese Ceramic & Porcelain Collections

Japanese Satsuma Ceramic Wares

Japanese Satsuma Ceramic Small Bowl Hand Painted   Japanese Satsuma Ceramic Wares Vase   Japanese Satsuma Ceramic Wares Small Plate

Satsuma ware is a type of Japanese pottery originally from Satsuma Province. The elaborately decorated Satsuma pieces began to be produced in the nineteenth century in various Japanese cities. Satsuma porcelain is distinguishable by its ivory bodied color.

Products include sake & tea cups, trinket /jewelry plates and bowls, and decorative showpieces

Japanese Porcelain Wares

Japanese Porcelain Wares Small Snack Plates   Japanese Porcelain Wares Small Snack Bowl

These are classic Japanese white and blue porcelain wares. They are made from premium porcelain and crafted using traditional Japanese technique.

Products include plates, bowls, and tea sets. Food safe.