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108 Bodhichitta Bead Meditation Mala - Red Cord



The sacred Bodhichitta Meditation Mala is made of 108 bodhichitta seeds. Bodhichitta  refers to a species of Ziziphus, formerly identified as Ziziphus budhensis. The Bodhichitta mala comprises seeds sourced from the Bodhichitta tree's fruit. The Bodhichitta trees are grown only in Kavrepalanchok region of Nepal. The trees are cultivated at an altitude from 945 to 2001m. Thus, making the seeds rare and higher priced than other types of mala seeds. 

In Buddhism, the Bodhichitta Mala symbolizes the quest for enlightenment and kindness. "Bodhichitta" means "awakened heart" or "enlightened mind." It reminds people to nurture these qualities in themselves and show compassion to all beings.

This mala is crafted with a durable red polyester cord. The color red in Buddhism symbolizes protection, power, and good luck.

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  • Beads: Bodhichitta Seeds (Ziziphus budhensis)
  • Boddhichitta Bead Size: 11mm-12mm
  • Accent End Beads: Fu Metal Beads (blessings, good luck, and good fortune)
  • Cord: Durable Polyester - Color Red
  • Length: 53"