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Chhepu is one among the three brothers Garuda, Chhepu and Hitimanga. It is told that once the mother of these brothers,requested her husband to give birth of such a son who would be the bravest, most truthful and entitled with all superior marks. Her husband told her to wait for a certain period. She being impatience to wait for a long period, looked the nest whether he was born or not. She found Chhepu in a prematured condition only with formation of head.

It is also told that Chhepu disappeared from the world as he did not want to see the kaliyuga, the great yuga, when the evil would completely trumphant over the good and the world would be destroyed by Vishnu in his incarnation as kalki, the destroyer. Knowing his bravery, truthfulness and entitled with all the superior marks Manjushree wanted to see him and requested Chhepu to show his full form. Chhepu appeared slowly amidst the cloud. Manjushree, as an veteran artist, immediately drew his form by his foot secretly without the knowledge of Cheepu. When Manjushree could finish to draw his head only Chhepu came to know Manjushree's deception and immediately disappeared. Due to his bravery, truthfulness and all superior marks, he was given the place at the top of the main entrance of the shrines for the protection from all the dangers. Nagas are the food of Chhepu.