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Hand Painted Thangka - Zambala



Intricately and Beautifully Hand Painted Thangka. This piece is depicting an image of the Protector of Dharma, the fierce Mahakala. This hand painted thangka on cotton canvas was crafted by the master thangka artist. 

The silk brocade fabric is sewn into the thangka, making it an elaborate art piece. Silk brocading is a process of framing a Thangka in traditional Tibetan style. It is believed that silk brocade renders a thangka more enchanting and more religious. The Thangka comes with the cover drape for protecting the Thangka. The technique of silk brocading was first developed around the 9th century AD as a way to protect paintings during transport across the treacherous Himalayan mountains.

Zambala in Tibetan Buddhism is commonly regarded as a God of Wealth. It is believed that the Zambala is the Money Guard. Zambala is the fortune of wealth and prosperity. It is believed that if anyone will keep the painting of zambala in their home they will be blessed with wealth and prosperity. Zambala is serving as God of Wealth.

This art piece makes a perfect addition to your meditation room.

Thangka Material: Cotton canvas

Thangka Frame: Silk Brocade

Thangka Size: Approx. 15” x 20”

Thangka Size (including frame): Approx. 24” x 43”

Fair Trade -  Ethically Sourced