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Hemp Bag


Hemp backpacks are made up of from the mixture hemp and cotton. The Hemp Backpack is handmade, using natural and organic hemp which are extracted from the cannabis plants from Nepal. Almost everyone uses a backpack for carrying their valuable item, made up of strong and durable natural hemp yarns extracted from the cannabis plant that grows at a height of 20 feet tall.
The stems of the plant are soaked in water for twenty days  are separated from the plant and are boiled in ash water. fibers are collected from mainly western part of Nepal like Bajura, Bajhang, and Rolpa.  One of the strongest fibers ever found. These fibers are also known for their strength and durability.
The bags can easily be hand-washed in the home using soap or dish washing detergent
Do not use dishwashing detergent powder as it may contain some chemical not suitable for the hemp bags.
Some of the tips for washing Hemp Bags are as follows:
Slowly soak the hemp bag in a hot water for 15 minutes.
You can also soak the bag in vinegar if possible.
Rinse well by hand and wash the bag using organic soap or a detergent powder.
Dry the hemp bag for a few hours. Remember, the bag dries very quickly.
Do not use any washing machines for hemp bags that you use for other washing materials.